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Aircraft ready for Delivery

Aircraft available for immediate delivery:

New Aircraft:
Tail #: N490BC
2017 BushCat Tailwheel
Aircraft Serial: CH195C
Approx. Hobbs: approx. 5 hours
This aircraft has the Panel 3 package and the only other additional option on it is the strobe/position lights so the total price for this one is $73,760.00


Used Aircraft:
2016 BushCat Tailwheel
Aircraft Serial: CH161C
Approx. Hobbs: approx. 113 hours
Equipment List:
Rotax 912ULS engine

Kiev ground adjustable propeller

Air Trac 8.50-6 tire upgrade

Aerodynamic compensators

Sun shield

Analogue Airspeed Indicator

Slip Indicator

MGL Stratomaster Velocity Altimeter

MGL Stratomaster TP2 engine display

MGL Stratomaster E1 engine display

MGL V6 comm’ radio

Sandia STX165 transponder

Landing lights

Ameri-King ELT 450

Hour Meter

Asking Price $64,000 OBO



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